About Us

Hello, we are Alicia and Mike

We are an overweight couple on a weight loss journey with diet, exercise, and Ozempic to better ourselves and, hopefully inspire and motivate others to improve their quality of life through healthy eating habits and exercise. 

We are full-time parents with full-time jobs as a nurse (Alicia) and a machinist (Mike). As parents, we want to be around for our kids as long as possible and set a good example for them and after years of failed diets and weight gain, we decided to try something new. 

In Bigness and in Health was created to document our weight loss journey and keep us motivated along the way. We will be sharing healthy recipes that we love, weight loss tips, exercises, meal prepping strategies, and every other thing we find that works for us. 

We hope that you will join us in this new, healthy chapter of our lives and learn along with us. 

See you on the scale!

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