My One Month Ozempic Progress Report: So Far So Good

Not What I Expected... But Not Bad

Yesterday marked my one month anniversary on the GLP-1 drug Ozempic.

Alicia started one month ahead of me and experienced quite a bit of nausea.

Along with the nausea though came a pretty significant loss of weight for her as well: 20 pounds!

Needless to say, I was pretty excited to get started on my medication. 

I had very little side effects besides a little bit of nausea,  no where near what Alicia was experiencing.

At the end of month one, I lost 8 pounds.


I was pretty disappointed at first because 5 of that 8 was in week one, not to mention my expectations were to lose at least double that. AT LEAST!

After a little reflection, and a pep talk from my wife, I started feeling better about what I initially classified as a meager loss.

This weight loss journey that I am on is just that, a journey. 

This is just the first 8 pounds and I should be proud of that accomplishment. It is a step in the right direction. 

Before I started Ozempic, I was gaining weight every month. I lost 8 pounds with minimal side effects and, essentially, minimum effort.   

I am happy and proud of my loss. This month I increase my dosage from 0.25mgs to 0.5mgs and I plan on starting some more strenuous exercise. 

I will keep working harder every day, week, month, and year to change my unhealthy relationship with food and be a healthier version of me: Mike 2.0

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