Reasons To Avoid Daily Weigh-Ins

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Reasons To Avoid Daily Weigh-Ins

When you are working hard and putting in maximum effort and really just crushing your diet and exercise routine, it is not out of the question to want some way to quantify your work but, you don’t want to wait until your designated weigh-in day.

No, way. You need a sneak peek for some instant gratification to pump you up even more.

Unfortunately, the human body does not care about your need for gratification.

Weighing yourself constantly, instead of consistently could have a negative effect on your weight-loss journey.

Here are some reasons why frequent weight checks can potentially  do more harm than good.

A scale does not show you the big picture.

The human body is fascinating and has A LOT going on at every second of everyday. There are so many factors that can lead to fluctuating numbers on a scale on a day-to-day basis. “Eating, drinking water, urinating, having a bowel movement, and exercise can all impact your body’s water composition and therefore weight,” says Medical Director of BodyLogicMD, Anita Petruzelli, M.D.

Focusing on the number on the scale every day gives you a misleading look into what is actually going on in your body. It doesn’t say, “Michael, you are one pound up today because you took in a lot of salt yesterday, so you are retaining water.” It just says +1.

Which leads me to the next reason to stay off the scale daily.

It has the potential to discourage you.

When you work really hard and eat right for any slotted time frame, and then to step on a scale and see a gain can be… discouraging to say the least.

Rushing your weigh-in gives your body less time ti process all the good things you are doing for it.

Who else has started a diet, ate everything you were supposed to, did the exercises you were told to do, and you think, halfway through the week, “lemme see how I’m doing!” only to find that you gained 2 pounds.

What do you do next?

Use that as motivation to work harder?

Or do you do what I usually do and say, “I might as well go out for lunch today.”

Which is why:

Weighing yourself every day could cause more harm than good.

There is more to weight loss than the number on a scale. Weighing yourself everyday has more potential for harm than for good, in my opinion. Meridan Zerner, a dietitian, nutritionist, and wellness coach at Cooper Clinic in Dallas says that number on your scale isn’t always a true indication of progress, “if somebody loses a pound of fat and gains a pound of muscle, that’s two pounds of change and that’s meaningful.”

Meaningful change is what we are looking for with weight-loss.


Eating better and exercising more a the most important factors in a weight-loss journey. They can help you create long-term good habits that can lead to meaningful change that will stick.

This is not an overnight thing. Remember, we didn’t put this weight on overnight, we can’t expect to lose it overnight.

Just keep following your plan and your exercise routine and eventually you will reach your weight-loss goals!

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