This is Who We are and Why We are Blogging

Alicia and Mike date night

Who we are and why we decided to track our weight loss journey via social media and blog.

This would happen about once a year. We would do great and start to feel confident and more like us in our “skinny” pictures. Then the inevitable would happen and we would gain it back and be disgusted with the yoyo dieting. 

We decided finally decided to try our luck with a GLP-1 medication. We were both prescribed Ozempic and so far it is going well. This site is to help us  document our progress with the medication and our healthy habit changes.

We read a lot of wellness blogs, watch a lot of weight loss TikToks, and follow tons of fitness influencers on social media. 

From what we learned, documenting your weight loss journey seems to help with staying motivated and accountable.

We hope that you will follow us through our weight-loss journey and that we can help to inspire you on yours!

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